Jesus Romo

Jesus Romo

s an entrepreneur and business owner. He believes it is a necessity to have multiple sources of income and know how to save. Every dollar made should be multiplied or divided, never subtracted. The difference between Money made & Money kept is a concept he believes, to be as important as knowing how to read and write.  

What makes my style unique…

A lot of people disregard how the stock market affects their everyday life.

The stock market platform might be new but the concept goes way back to early civilizations.

Supply and Demand is what drives markets around the U.S and the world. He believes, that by following the numbers, we can get an idea of what to do when an un expected event happens or at least get a head start, life changing events such as the crash of 2007.

Why I do what I do…

Just like many people he grew up with a mindset that if he works really hard and applies himself he could accomplish anything. Well as he got older and realized that the people he worked for, made way more money than he could ever imagine and that if he ever wanted to be something more than just labor, then he would need more schooling or training.

There was only one problem, the more he earned the more he spent and also the more taxes he had to pay. Financial Education was a concept he had zero knowledge in and it was costing him. It was costing him time and money. Money  can be made back but time will NEVER return.

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