JC Ratliff

Jonathan "JC" Ratliff

He is a business owner that comes from a blue collar family. His father instilled within him a great work ethic but not a financial education. No one had ever taught his father about finances so his father was unable to pass this on to him. Instead his father taught him how to “WORK HARD” for a decent wage. The problem JC was facing was no matter how hard he worked, he was payed the same amount as the guy next to him. Seeing no way to get ahead & fearing the idea of working 40 years and retiring broke. He knew there had to be a change.

Looking for something more out of life rather than the typical “RAT RACE”. He found himself reading financial books in order to learn about money. This lead him to meet like minded individuals who had similar concepts in mind. His belief is that everyone should have a financial education to better prepare them for life, retirement & the unexpected. Every client that he sits down with, he sees a little bit of him self and his father in some aspect. With every client he helps, he breaks the tradition of no financial literacy and creates a new tradition of generational financial stability.

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